Certified Credit Professional (CCP) course is offered by KASNEB to individuals who wish to qualify and work as professionals in credit management.  The training curriculum is geared towards equipping professionals with lending, credit analysis, collection, debt management and recovery skills and knowledge.

CCP qualification is one of the many qualifications offered by KASNEB like the CPA, CIFA, and CS. The course has very few qualified professionals but with the economy becoming a credit market, there is an increase in demand for the qualified professionals and the qualification is highly paying and on demand.

Entry requirements for the course is a KCSE C+ grade or a degree from recognized university. Individuals with other KASNEB qualifications are admitted to the professional and are given a number of exemptions.  CPA graduates are exempted a total of six papers and are expected to sit for only eight papers to acquire the qualification.  The course is broken down into three levels which are Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level.  Foundation level has six units, Intermediate level has Four units and Advanced has four units. The units in each level are outlined below:

  1. Foundation
    1. Credit Management
    2. Communication and Customer Relations
    3. Introduction to Law and Governance
    4. Credit Risk Management
    5. Principles of Accounting
    6. Business Environment
  2. Intermediate Level
    1. Financial statements Analysis for Credit Managers
    2. Corporate Credit Analysis
    3. Collection Management
    4. Credit Governance and Compliance
  3. Advanced Level
    1. Leadership & Management
    2. Advanced Credit Risk Management
    3. Advanced collections management
    4. Debt Recovery Management

Job opportunities for CCP graduates cut across all sectors of the economy, every business offering goods and services require a credit professional who is charged with the responsibility of billing, collecting and contacting customers for payments. Financial institutions of all forms require a number of credit professionals charged with the responsibility of lending, collecting and recovering loans advanced to customers.

An increase in digital and mobile lenders has increased the demand for the profession, to take advantage of the demand, it is advisable for one to consider acquiring the professional. Currently there is a professional membership body known as Institute of Credit Managers Kenya (ICMK), which registers qualified professionals. Currently ICM(K) in conjunction with KASNEB is working towards developing an ACT to regulate the professionals in credit management. With an ACT in place the profession will have a governing body similar to ICPAK which regulates accounting professional.

Currently Tumaini Institute of Management Studies is the only college, located at Coffee Plaza 6th Floor Nairobi opposite Easy Coach Bus stage. We have both physical and online classes to enable individuals pursue the qualification. We also help placing of students with various employers through our company Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd.

For more information contact us through info@tumainiinstitute.ac.ke  or call us through 0704-147682/0722-6811114


  1. With A CPA qualification and wishing to undertake CCP you will have the following exemptions:

    Foundation Level Exemption
    a. Communication and Customer Relations
    b. Introduction to Law and Governance
    c. Principles of Accounting
    d. Business Environment

    Intermediate Level
    a. Financial statements Analysis for Credit Managers

    Advanced Level
    a. Leadership & Management

    1. Hello. Thanks for reaching to us. How may we help you? The notes are available in the online portal upon purchase you can access with past papers and questions.

  2. I have experience in debt collection majoring in FinTech’s {mobile loans}, I want to major so much into credit at higher levels, how important is CCP to my career path.

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